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NHLBI Research Career Development Programs in Vascular Medicine (K12s)

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) has recently funded seven K12 centers in the U.S. to offer comprehensive clinical research training for physicians wanting to specialize in vascular medicine, an evolving discipline devoted to clinical evaluation and management of individuals with arterial, venous and lymphatic diseases.

Beyond clinical training, this program is designed to prepare clinicians for academic leadership roles as mentors and clinical researchers in vascular medicine. By 2012, five to six candidates will have been fully trained at each institution.

This NHLBI initiative was undertaken with the idea that vascular medicine will shortly become a bona fide specialty addressing an ever increasing population of patients. Training its new leaders in hypothesis-based research and systematic clinical assessment will help ensure a solid foundation for this emerging specialty and thereby advance the public health.

Learn more about NIH and NHLBI career awards and training opportunties:

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