Certification Exams

  • Alliance for Physician Certification and Advancement

    The Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement™ (APCA™) administers the ABVM Vascular and ABVM Endovasular Board Certification Exams. The certification process is based upon formal professional education or practice in vascular medicine with experience-based requirements and examination. The certification will provide evidence of expertise in vascular medicine knowledge and skills to the medical community.

    APCA is part of the Inteleos™ family of Councils that also includes ARDMS®. Spun out of ARDMS in 2016 to meet the exclusive needs of physicians, the APCA Council already represents 20,000 physicians dedicated to continual learning and providing high-quality and compassionate patient care through certification. APCA joins ARDMS in furthering its long-standing mission of raising the global standards of excellence in healthcare and patient safety.
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