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2018 Award Winners

Chicago, IL: The Society for Vascular Medicine held its 29th Annual Scientific Sessions in Chicago, June 13-16 and presented its annual awards. The Jess R. Young Outstanding Vascular Medicine Educator Award is conferred upon individuals who have made an exemplary contribution to the field of vascular medicine through the education of its practitioners. The Master of the Society for Vascular Medicine (MSVM) designation is conferred upon individuals who have provided extraordinary service to the Society for Vascular Medicine. The Mark A. Creager Prize recognizes the authors of the most meritorious research article published in Vascular Medicine during the preceding calendar year. In addition to these awards the Jay D. Coffman Young Investigator oral abstracts sessions were held and first and second place winners were selected from among 5 finalists.

Below is a full list of 2018 SVM award winners:

Jess R. Young Outstanding Vascular Medicine Educator Award:

Samuel Z. Goldhaber, MD, FSVM
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston, MA

Master of the Society for Vascular Medicine:

Teresa L. Carman, MD, MSVM
University Hospitals
Cleveland, OH

2018 SVM Mark A. Creager Prize for Research Excellence

Akhilesh K Sista, MD1, FSIR; Larry E Miller, PhD2; Susan R Kahn, MD, FRCP3; Jeffrey A Kline, MD4
1 Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY, USA., 2 Miller Scientific Consulting, Inc., Asheville, NC, USA. 3 Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 4 Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, USA.

Persistent Right Ventricular Dysfunction, Functional Capacity Limitation, Exercise Intolerance, and Quality of Life Impairment Following Pulmonary Embolism: Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis

Manuscript published in Vascular Medicine: Volume 22, February, 2017.

Vascular Jeopardy Winner:

Alec Schmaier, MD, PhD

Jay D. Coffman Young Investigator Awards:

First place:

Arvind K. Pandey, MD

Vanderbilt University

CD70 Modulates the Role of eNOS In Endothelial Cells

Second place:

Eri Fukaya, MD, PhD

Stanford University

Clinical and Genetic Determinants of Varicose Veins: A Prospective, Community-Based Prospective Study of ~500,000 Individuals

Alan T. Hirsch SVM Travel Awards:

Ana Florencia Becerra, MD, Hospital Privado Universitario de Cordoba, Argentina

Joel L. Ramirez, BS, University of California, United States

Louis Wang, MBBS, MM, St Vincent's Hospital, Australia

Emily Mae L. Yap, MD, Philippine Heart Center, Philippines

For more information or to speak with an award winner, please email Justin Dreyfuss at jdreyfuss@vascularmed.org

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