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Dear SVM Members,

Happy New Year! As we enter 2019, we are also entering SVM’s 30th Anniversary Year. We hope this milestone year brings each member opportunities for more engagement than ever in our Society. Please see below for details regarding registration and abstract submission for our 2019 Scientific Sessions and an invitation to make a contribution to celebrate SVM’s 30th Birthday with the 30(K) for 30(years) campaign. We are hoping to use funds raised for this campaign to support novel mechanisms for membership growth, in addition to our other programs. You will also see details below regarding our 2019 SVM Compensation and Practice Survey – please take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule to contribute your experience and practice specifics to the database, a report of which will be available to SVM members later in 2019. We want this data to be as robust and representative of the wide range of vascular medicine practice as possible. Please also see a recap of the highly successful 2018 Fellows’ course --- our effort to engage the Next Generation of vascular trainees in our Society’s activities. Finally, if you have not done so already, please renew your membership for 2019…we hope to make our 30th year of SVM programming the most engaging yet.

As always, drop me an e-mail if you have any ideas for our Society or would like to be further involved. With the New Year comes a new job for me and a new address on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland where I am fortunate to join SVM friends and colleagues including Drs. Teresa Carman and Mehdi Shishehbor at University Hospitals. My new e-mail is heather.gornik@UHhospitals.org

In fellowship,

Heather L. Gornik, MD, FSVM

30 FOR 30

SVM Founders

The Society for Vascular Medicine is celebrating 30 years! 30 years of achievement. 30 years of being our professional home. As members, this is our opportunity to say thank you and to support the Society’s many ongoing efforts during our 30th Anniversary Fundraising Initiative. Consider supporting SVM's ongoing initiatives or its membership growth campaign


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From Jay Bishop, MD, FSVM, Chairman of the SVM Committee on Vascular Medicine Clinic Practice

The SVM Committee on Vascular Medicine Clinical Practice was formed in 2017. The charge of this committee was to provide input on issues of importance to vascular medicine practitioners and to develop programming and materials of interest to members. One priority identified by the Committee was the need to gather data regarding the current practice environment of vascular medicine, as well as a “snap shot” of salaries and benefits of our physicians practicing vascular medicine. This project was approved by the SVM Board of Trustees, and we have partnered with Perceptions Solutions Inc. to aid us in this survey and to tabulate survey results.

Your input is vital to the success of this survey, as we hope to collect data from providers across a range of practice environments. A report of data generated from the survey will be available to SVM members. We anticipate that information gathered from this survey will be of value in our pursuits to achieve subspecialty recognition status for vascular medicine and to further our professional endeavors. Results from the survey will also provide salary and benefit information that will be helpful to those seeking employment, in comparing job opportunities, and in negotiations with employers, as well as for those beginning or expanding vascular medicine clinical programs.

Please be assured that your responses to this survey are completely confidential, and no user specific information or raw data will be shared in any way. Specifically, individual responses to survey questions, including salary data, will not be disclosed to SVM, and will only be made available in aggregate reports. Your personal data will be protected to the greatest extent by Perceptions Solutions Inc.

An email from Perceptions Solution Inc. was sent to your current SVM e-mail address on Tuesday, January 22nd. We ask you to complete the survey only if you are currently practicing vascular medicine (including both non-invasive and/or invasive practice). If you have received this survey more than once in error (such as through different email accounts), please only complete the survey once. We anticipate that completion of the survey will require 15 minutes or less. We know your time is valuable. As an extra incentive, all participants responding to the survey by February 8, 2019, will be included in a drawing to receive one of six $100 Amazon gift cards. Winners of the drawing will be notified by Perception Solutions Inc.

Please let SVM know if you have not received the survey and would like to participate (info@vascularmed.org)



There's still time to apply for an SVM award to attend the 2019 Annual Scientific Sessions for free. SVM is also looking for posters, case studies and abstracts to present in McLean, VA as we celebrate 30 years of advancing vascular medicine. You only have until THIS FRIDAY, January 25, 2019, so submit or apply today!

Use the abstract submission site to:

• Submit an oral or poster presentation

• The Review Committees will determine if the submission qualifies for the Rapid Fire Session or Cases over Cocktails Session

• Apply for the Jay D. Coffman Award for young investigators

• Apply for the Alan T. Hirsch Travel Award

Submit today


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Registration will be opening shortly! Get a head start and book your hotel and travel today.

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Sundeep Shenoy, MBBS

Take a moment to update your knowledge and check out some of the rapid fire sessions on anticoagulation from last year's Annual Scientific Sessions in Chicago, IL. Thanks to all our presenters for making their presentations available to share.

Dr. Geoff Barnes | Dr. Jerry Bartholomew |

Dr. Sundeep Shenoy

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The fourth annual SVM Fellows Course was held in Atlanta, Georgia, December 1-2, 2018. Once again, the course was at full capacity soon after enrollment opened. Attending the event was a diverse group of fellows representing all invasive and non-invasive specialties focusing on vascular disease. The level of fellow engagement throughout the course continued to rise this year through a continued focus on case-based learning and further development of our hands-on learning sections. Through didactic patient-based and interactive presentations, the Society’s expert faculty covered the entire spectrum of vascular disease ranging from diagnostic algorithms for edema to advanced therapies for limb salvage.

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To continue to grow, connect and raise the profile of SVM, we need your continued participation in the Society. The easiest way you can help is to renew your membership in the Society for Vascular Medicine for 2019. If you've already done so, thank you! If not, do so today so you can take advantage of SVM member benefits, which include significant discounts to the SVM 2019 Annual Scientific Sessions, which will have registration open soon.



Patients with moderate-to-severe post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) secondary to chronic iliac vein obstruction often experience poor quality of life due to limb pain, edema, stasis dermatitis, and/or venous leg ulcers. Although vascular physicians use different approaches to manage this condition, there currently exists no consistently effective evidence-based therapy. Catheter-based endovascular therapy (EVT) that eliminates iliac vein obstruction (via stent placement) and saphenous reflux (via endovenous ablation) may be effective, but is invasive, costly, and of unproven benefit.

The Chronic Venous Thrombosis: Relief with Adjunctive Catheter-Directed Therapy (C-TRACT) Clinical Trial is an ongoing, NIH/NHLBI-sponsored, 22-center randomized trial that is evaluating the ability of EVT to reduce PTS severity in 374 patients with moderate-to-severe PTS, all of whom receive optimal standard therapy (medical, compressive, and quality ulcer care), with half randomly assigned to also receive EVT. Clinical outcomes assessed include the improvement in PTS severity (assessed blindly using the Venous Clinical Severity Score (VCSS)), ulcer healing, health-related quality of life, safety, costs, and effects upon valvular reflux and venous obstruction (via ultrasound). This study is led collaboratively by the same research institutions (Washington University in St. Louis, McMaster University, VasCore at Massachusetts General Hospital, St. Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute) that led the ATTRACT Trial. Says Dr. Suresh Vedantham (Principal Investigator), “It is crucial for patients and providers to optimally understand the long-term benefits and risks of EVT. The C-TRACT Trial will provide quality data that ultimately enables the most appropriate use of these innovative procedures.”

The Society for Vascular Medicine urges all members to support this pivotal study. Providers are encouraged to download the C-TRACT Referral App, which quickly connects providers who see PTS patients with study sites. Members in practices that deliver strong multidisciplinary PTS care can also apply to serve as site investigators. Please visit https://bloodclotstudy.wustl.edu/c-tract/ for more information.



Vascular Medicine is SVM's premier peer-reviewed journal, featuring the latest clinical and scientific information in vascular medicine. Heather Gornik, MD, FSVM, of the Vascular Center at University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute, serves as Editor-in-Chief and many senior SVM members serve on the Editorial Board. Learn more about Vascular Medicine and CME opportunities for SVM Members. Follow the journal on twitter at @VMJ_SVM.

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