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Updates in Vascular Disease
Saturday, October 1, 2022
Grand Hyatt Denver
Denver, Colorado


The Society for Vascular Medicine is hosting a Primary Care and Hospital Medicine track during its Vascular Scientific Sessions in Denver, Colorado. During a full day of lectures and hands-on experiences, SVM esteemed faculty will offer up to date and state of the art knowledge in vascular disease diagnosis and management. This program is fully funded and brought to you by the Society for Vascular Medicine


  • Case-based learning
  • Practical, everyday clinically relevant scenarios that are relevant to your practice
  • Focus on arterial and venous disease 
  • POCUS workshop
  • Opportunities to network with SVM leadership
  • And more…

ATTENDEES WILL RECEIVE CME / MOC and a Certificate of Participation issued by the Society for Vascular Medicine. 

REGISTRATION IS FREE. Space is limited so act now and secure a spot for this unique opportunity. 


Venous Thromboembolism Block

Modern management of PE: When does it make sense to consider intervention?
Lower extremity (proximal) DVT: Basics of management and when to consider intervention
Does this patient need an IVC filter?
Case-based approach to periprocedural anticoagulation management
Case based approach to upper extremity DVT: When can I pull this line? When is intervention required?
VTE and COVID-19: Fact and fiction, prevention, and treatment

Peripheral Artery Disease Block

Case-based approach to the patient who has leg pain with walking
Optimal medical therapy in PAD
Understanding endovascular procedures and common complications

Afternoon Sessions

Approach to the swollen leg: Not all swollen legs are DVT or heart-failure
Renal artery stenosis: When to suspect, how to diagnose, when to refer
Approach to the purple finger or toe
A word on FMD: Under-recognized epidemic?
Vascular Medicine training programs and career opportunities
Don't miss these vascular emergencies!

POCUS Workshop: Does this patient with PE have RV strain? Is there proximal DVT in this patient with a swollen leg? Basic screening for AAA

Approach to limb ulcerations

Venous ulcers
Arterial Ulcers: Critical limb ischemia
ABC's of basic wound care



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