SVM Committees

SVM has several committees that carry out different functions for the society. Among them are the following committees.

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Advanced Practice Provider Committee

The purpose of the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) committee will be to identify and provide input on issues of importance to APP memberswork with other Society committees and task forces to develop programming relevant to APPsexpand awareness and engagement by APP members in the field of vascular medicinework with the Membership Committee to lead APP recruitment efforts and identify and develop future SVM APP leaders.

Audit, Finance & Fundraising Committee

Maintains oversight of the Society’s income and expenses and plans and implements internal and external audits of financial information. Responsible for oversight of charitable contributions to the Society and fundraising campaigns on behalf of the Society.

Chair/BOT: Esther S.H. Kim, MD, MPH, RPVI, FSVM
Co-Chair: Bryan J. Wells, MD, FSVM
Geoff Barnes, MD, MSc, FSVM
Robert McBane, MD, FSVM
Michael McMurtry, MD, PhD, FSVM

Bylaws, Policies & Procedures Committee

Reviews and updates the Society’s bylaws, policies and procedures.

BOT: Mehdi Shishehbor, DO, MPH, PhD, FSVM
Immediate Past Chair: Geno Merli, MD, FSVM
Chair: Diane Treat-Jacobson, PhD, RN, FSVM
Co-Chair: Mary McDermott, MD

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force

Advises on matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion as they apply to all Society functions, including membership, leadership, education, research, quality, clinical care and advocacy. Ensures that every member of the vascular medicine community has full opportunity to thrive in our environment.

BOT: Esther Kim, MD, MPH, RPVI, FSVM
Immediate Past Chair: Olusegun (Segun) Osinbowale, MD, RPVI, FSVM
Chair: Carmel Celestin, MD, FSVM
Co-Chair: Rafael Cires-Drouet, MD, RPVI, FSVM

Rashad Belin, MD, PhD, RPVI
William Bennett, MD, PhD
James Carter, MD
Ngan Huang, PhD
Elston Johnson, DO

Ryan Mays, PhD, MPH, FSVM
Amanda Morrison, MD
Khanjan Shah, MD, MPH
Federico Silva, MD
Melissa Strickengloss, MSN, NP-C
Victoria Thomas, MD

Education Committee

Develops, evaluates and oversees all educational programming for the Society.

BOT: Mitchell Weinberg, MD, MBA, FSVM
Immediate Past Chair: Kamal Gupta, MD, FSVM
Chair: Gaurav Parmar, MD, MPH, FSVM
Co-Chair: Randy Ramcharitar, MD

Phillip Bendick, PhD
Umberto Campia, MD, MSc
Andrew Dicks, MD
Mohamad El-Zaru, MD, RPVI, FSVM
Hatem Hassaballa, MD
Katherine Hays, DNP, FSVM
Siva Ketha, MD, FSVM

Luke Kim, MD
Justin Morrison, MD

Srinivas Nadadur, MD
Manjunath Raju, MD
Fadi Shamoun, MD
Sundeep Shenoy, MD, MBA
Anwar Zaitoun, MD, RPVI

Fellows Course / APP Course

Develops the Fellows/APP Course, selects faculty and conducts other business connected with the program.

Chair: Andrew Galmer, DO
Co-Chair: Daniella Kadian-Dodov, MD, FSVM
Immediate Past Chair: Eric Secemsky, MD, MSc, RPVI, FSVM
Chair: Ali Moran, RN, AGACNP, DNP
Co-Chair: Melissa Strickengloss, MSN, NP-C

Marketing and Communications

Develops overall marketing and communications strategy for the Society. Responsible for marketing and external communications, including through its web site, email blasts and other social media channels. Communicates to Society membership and to other professional and lay audiences. Develops content for Vascular Medicine Journal Blue Pages and other professional communications.

BOT: Yogen Kanthi, MD, FSVM
Chair: Stanislav Henkin, MD, MPH
Co-Chair: Kevin Cohoon, DO, MSc, RPVI, FSVM
Pierre Atallah, MD, MS, MBA
Nichole Brunton, DO
Valerie Clark
Deborah Hornacek, MD
Everett Rogers, DO, MS
Roger Tomihama, MD

Membership & Credentials Committee

Develops and implements strategies and programs to encourage membership in the Society. Reviews credentials of new applicants to the Society and recommends appropriate membership category.

Chair/BOT: Elizabeth Ratchford, MD, FSVM
Co-Chair: R. Eugene Zierler, MD, FSVM
Ex Officio: Peter Angelopoulos, MD
Maria Teresa Abola, MD
Ana Casanegra, MD, MS, FSVM, RPVI
Morteza Chitsazan, DO
Katherine Hays, DNP, FSVM
Samer Kazziha, MD
Minhaj Khaja, MD, MBA, FSVM
Danielle Vlazny, PA-C, MS

Next Generation Committee

Identifies and provides input on issues of importance to Fellow-In-Training and Early Career member segments. Works with other Society committees to develop programming relevant to these member segments. Works to expand awareness about the field of vascular medicine in medical schools and post-graduate training programs. Aims to develop future SVM leadership from within these member segments.

BOT: Aditya Sharma, MBBS, RPVI, FSVM
Immediate Past Chair: Aaron Aday, MD, FSVM
Chair: Merry Ellen Barnett, MD
Co-Chair: Alexandra Solomon, MD, RPVI


Leili Behrooz, MD, MPH
Yulanka Castro-Dominguez, MD
Pulkit Chaudhury, MD, MS
Samuel Kim, MD
Anthony Klappa, MD
Wenzhu Li, MD
Ali Moran, DNP
Avinash Murthy, MD, RPVI
Deborah Nadler, MD
Siri Neelati, MD

Adithya Peruri, MD
Viviane Seki Sassaki, RVT, RDMS, RPVI
Alexander Sullivan, MD
Leben Tefera, MD

Sneha Thomas, MD
Francisco Ujueta, MD, MS
Apurva Vyas, MD, RPVI
Heather Wheat, MD
Khendi White, MD
Teresa Wu, MD

Nominating Committee

The committee shall solicit suggestions from members of the Society and the board. This committee shall recommend for nomination one qualified, interested and committed individual for each board position to be vacant at the next election. The committee shall also make recommendations to the board as to the types of awards or honor or appreciation to be granted by the Society, the standards thereof, and the procedures for selection of the recipients and the granting thereof.

Chair/BOT: Raghu Kolluri, MD, RVT, FSVM
BOT: Herb Aronow, MD, MPH, FSVM
BOT: Ido Weinberg, MD, MSc, MHA, FSVM
Daniella Kadian-Dodov, MD, FSVM

Past Presidents’ Council

The Past Presidents’ Council provides input to the President and the SVM Board of Trustees on matters related to governance, fundraising, intersocietal relations, and strategic planning. The committee may be charged with specific tasks or projects as directed by the President and Board of Trustees.

Chair/BOT: Raghu Kolluri, MD, RVT, FSVM
Heather Gornik, MD, RVT, RPVI, MSVM
J. Michael  Bacharach, MD, MPH, MSVM
John R.  Bartholomew, MD, MSVM
Joshua Beckman, MD, MS, MSVM
John Cooke, MD, PhD, MSVM
Mark Creager, MD, MSVM
James Froehlich, MD, MPH, MSVM
Jonathan Halperin, MD, MSVM
Michael Jaff, DO, MSVM
Jeffrey Olin, DO, MSVM
Thom Rooke, MD, MSVM

Research, Quality & Publications Committee

Is responsible for developing position statements, practice guidelines and other clinical documents. Is responsible for proposing and vetting proposals and implementing programs that foster research in vascular medicine and biology and for developing and maintaining programs around quality improvement in the vascular space. Reviews document endorsement requests from other professional societies and organizations.

Chair/BOT: Daniella Kadian-Dodov, MD, FSVM
Co-Chair: Beau Hawkins, MD

Batool Jamal Abuhalimeh, MD
S. Elissa Altin, MD
Behnood Bikdeli, MD, MS
Marc Bonaca, MD, MPH, FSVM
Ulf Bronas, PhD
Matthew Bunte, MD, MS, FSVM
Saurav Chatterjee, MD
Islam Elgendy, MD

Damon Houghton, MD, MS
Hillary Johnston-Cox, MD, PhD
Carlos Mena-Hurtado, MD
Debabrata Mukherjee, MD, MS
Jennifer Rymer, MD, MBA, MHS
Sanjum Sethi, MD, MPH
Farina Mohamed Yusoff, MBBS, PhD

Scientific Program Committee

Develops the annual scientific sessions program, selects faculty and conducts other business connected with the program.

Chair/BOT: Ido Weinberg, MD, MSc, MHA, FSVM
Co-Chair/BOT: Elizabeth Ratchford, MD, FSVM
Ex Officio: Herb Aronow, MD, MPH, FSVM
Ex Officio: Heather Gornik, MD, RVT, RPVI, FSVM
Ex Officio: Raghu Kolluri, MD, MS, RVT, FSVM

Abdelrhman Abumoawad, MD
Ahmad Awan, MD
Jay Bishop, MD, RPVI, FSVM
Minakshi Biswas, MD
Marc Bonaca, MD, MPH, FSVM
Nichole Brunton, DO
Umberto Campia, MD, MSc
Ana Casanegra, MD, MS, RPVI, FSVM
Andres Vargas Estrada, MD, RPVI
Dmitriy Feldman, MD, FSVM
Antonio Gutierrez, MD, MHS
Stan Henkin, MD, MPH, FSVM
Shea Hogan, MD, FSVM
Schuyler Jones, MD
Yogen Kanthi, MD, FSVM
Vladimir Lakhter, DO, FSVM

Natalia Fendrikova Mahlay, MD, FSVM
Robert McBane, MD, FSVM
Mary McDermott, MD, FSVM
Carlos Mena-Hurtado, MD
Sanjay Misra, MD
Khusrow Niazi, MD
Gaurav Parmer, MD, MPH, FSVM
Sasan Partovi, MD
Abdul Haseeb Qazi, MD
Manjunath Raju, MD
Kevin Rogers, MD, MSc, RPVI, FSVM
Jennifer Rymer, MD
Eric Secemsky, MD, MSc, RPVI, FSVM
Fadi Shamoun, MD
Luai Tabaza, MD
Alireza Vaziri, MD, RPVI, FSVM

Vascular Medicine Fellowship Training Committee

This committee is charged with monitoring the presence and size (i.e., number of training positions) of existing US vascular medicine (VM) fellowship training programs and with fostering the maintenance and growth of these programs. Additional responsibilities include development of VM fellowship training curricula, communication with VM fellowship program directors, assisting the BOT with solicitation of funding to support fellowship training (e.g., industry, donor-based) and establishment of endowments, and vetting of VM fellowship program funding applications.

Chair: Aditya Sharma, MBBS, RPVI, FSVM
Co-Chair: Robert Eberhardt, MD, FSVM
Geoff Barnes, MD, MSc, FSVM
Eri Fukaya, MD, FSVM
Kamal Gupta, MD, FSVM
Naomi Hamburg, MD, MS, FSVM
Minhaj Khaja, MD, MBA, FSVM
Leben Tefera, MD
Bryan Wells, MD, FSVM
Eugene Zierler, MD, FSVM

Vascular Medicine Practice Task Force

Surveys vascular medicine specialists and aggregates, analyzes and distributes survey data to relevant stakeholders.

BOT: Scott Kinlay, MBBS, PhD, FSVM
Immediate Past Chair: Jay Bishop, MD, FSVM
Chair: Hady Lichaa, MD, FSVM
Co-Chair: Jessica Curcio, ND, MPAS

Fernando Belcastro, MD, FSVM
Kimberly Campbell, CVRN-BC, MSN, ANP-BC
Charles Canver, MD, MBA
Gabriel Dimitrov, MD, FSVM
Islam Elgendy, MD
Marie Gerhard-Herman, MD, FSVM
Deborah Hornacek, MD
Douglas Joseph, DO, FSVM

Junyang Lou, MD, PhD, RPVI
Muriel Morilla, MD
Mohamed Farhan Nasser, MD
Praveen Kumar Ponnamreddy, MD
Tomas Rivera-Bonilla, MD, FSVM
Elisa Taffe, MD, CWSP, FSVM

Vascular Medicine Subspecialty Recognition Task Force

The Task Force will identify opportunities for growth of the field of vascular medicine and provide guidance to the President and the SVM Board of Trustees regarding ongoing and future initiatives to achieve sub-specialty recognition for vascular medicine providers.

Immediate Past Chair: Raghu Kolluri, MD, RVT, FSVM
Chair: Joshua Beckman, MD, MS, MSVM
President: Herb Aronow, MD, MPH, FSVM
Pres-Elect: Ido Weinberg, MD, MSc, MHA, FSVM
Aaron Aday, MD, FSVM
Jay Bishop, MD, FSVM
Eri Fukaya, MD, FSVM
Heather Gornik, MD, RVT, RPVI, FSVM
Bruce Gray, DO, MSVM
Geno Merli, MD, FSVM
Aditya Sharma, MBBS, RPVI, FSVM

Venous Task Force

Engages in clinical, quality, research, advocacy and other matters related to venous disease.

BOT: Raghu Kolluri, MD, RVT, FSVM
Immediate Past Chair: Eri Fukaya, MD, FSVM
Chair: Syed Ahsan, MD, RPVI, FSVM
Co-Chair: Omar Esponda, MD, RPVI, RPhS
Paul Olorunfemi MD, MPH
Mateo Porres Aguilar, MD
Reza Amini, MD, FSVM
Doug Joseph, DO, FSVM
Wenzhu Li , MD
Mina Makary, MD
Maxim Shaydakov, MD, PhD
Arthur Topoulos, MD, FSVM
Jason Wheeler, MD, MSCR, MS, RPVI